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The Léa Journo Salon

As soon as you walk into The Leá Journo Salon you’ll realize this salon is special, and not just because you may find yourself sitting next to Natalie Portman or Armie Hammer. These talented stylists and make up artists you’re visiting are like family, and the care about each other as well as every client that walks through the door. It goes without saying that when you walk out of the salon, you’ll feel beautiful enough to hit the red carpet. What they also want is for you to walk in knowing you already are beautiful, and that they’re just here to help pull it out, enhance it, and then help celebrate it. Life isn’t easy. We get challenges thrown at us daily. At The Leá Journo Salon, they’re ready to do their part to make your feel strong enough to tackle those challenges, and sometimes feeling good about how you look is the edge you need.

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